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Collaboration Studio at Chatterbox, USP

Collaboration Studio at Chatterbox, USP

CIT has loaned a Collaboration Studio system to the University Scholars Programme (USP). The system, installed at USP's Chatterbox, enables students to conduct small group face-to-face discussions while collaborating from their individual laptops. A large shared screen puts an end to huddling around one person's computer. Students can contribute resources from their laptops and work together on the shared Collaboration Studio space.

Mousecloud Demo from mousecloud on Vimeo.

Mousecloud is a basic and user-friendly free online collaboration tool which allows you to import documents and collaborate with others online without registration - just share the link of the cloud (or room in online collaboration jargon). The imported documents can be annotated and highlighted. I'm not sure if there is a way to save the room besides taking screenshots. From my cursory exploration, it can be used almost immediately as it doesn't have a steep learning curve. Sure, it doesn't have many features, but many feature-filled online collaboration tools are also really difficult to use!

Oh yes, forgot to mention, the import a URL/website function didn't work for me at all.

Hat tip to Learn Tech News by the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies.