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As announced in February, Turnitin's similarity report will transition to a new interface.

The new interface - Feedback Studio - was enabled during recess week of AY16/17 Sem 2.

Since then, users have been able to toggle between Feedback Studio and Classic view.

On Tue 1 August, all users will be moved to Feedback Studio. Classic view will be disabled.

Turnitin's Instructor Guides contain videos, how-to guides, and quick tips to help educators get up and running with Feedback Studio in minutes.

The assignment creation workflow remains the same.


Turnitin is hosting a webcast about Feedback Studio on Tue 25 July at 1000 hrs (Singapore time).

Sign up for the webcast to find out more about Feedback Studio from Turnitin.

Dr. Ann Rogerson, Senior Lecturer at the University of Wollongong, will discuss how to interpret a Turnitin Similarity Report.

Date: Thursday, 16 March 2017
Time: 0900 hrs to 0940 hrs (Singapore time)
Cost: Nil
Duration: 30 mins plus 10 mins Q and A

About the presenter

Ann sits on the committee for academic integrity at her University and is recognized on campus as a Turnitin subject matter expert. She believes passionately in teaching and developing critical thinking and writing skills, and as a teacher of organizational behaviour and leadership, Ann deeply understands the importance of integrity and feedback in the real world. To meet these ends, she sees Turnitin as a useful teaching tool.

Register here.

Note: This webinar is organised by Turnitin.

The existing Turnitin report will change soon for instructors and students.

This affects all Turnitin users in NUS, including those using Turnitin via IVLE.

The new report layout, Turnitin Feedback Studio, offers the existing functionalities of Turnitin, but in a simplified, more intuitive interface.

Feedback Studio will be introduced in two phases:

  1. Recess Week AY16/17 Sem 2:
    Feedback Studio will be enabled. You will be able to toggle between Feedback Studio and Classic view.
  2. Friday 21 July 2017
    Feedback Studio will be mandatory for all users. Classic view will be removed. If you were on Classic view, you will be switched to Feedback Studio.

A video walkthrough, a demo and more information are available.

For queries, please log in and send your questions via CIT Services Help.

As announced on 2 June, the way Turnitin integrates with IVLE has changed.

CIT is organising several information sessions about the changes.

The information sessions cover the rationale for the changes, things to note and a walkthrough of the new integration.

Registration is required. If you want to attend one of the sessions, please sign up using the respective links below.

Regardless of whether you can attend a briefing, please familiarise yourself with the changes via the links in the notes below.

Date & Time


Sign up

Thu 4 Aug 2016,
12 noon to 1 p.m.
CIT Auditorium,
Computer Centre,
Level 2
Registration closed
Fri 5 Aug 2016,
1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
CIT Auditorium,
Computer Centre,
Level 2
Registration closed
Mon 8 Aug 2016,
10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
CIT Seminar Room,
Computer Centre,
Level 3



Turnitin has made major changes to the way that it integrates with other services.

As such, CIT has had to modify the way Turnitin works in NUS:

  • Turnitin integration in IVLE will be tighter and will be the recommended way for using Turnitin in NUS.
  • Log in to Turnitin directly using NUSNET user ID and password will be removed. To log in directly to Turnitin, you will need to use your Turnitin ID and password instead.

The changes will take place in three phases.

Phase 1: Tuesday 21 June 2016

  • Submission to and creation of Turnitin submission folders in IVLE will halt.
  • Existing submissions to Turnitin folders in IVLE and the respective originality reports can still be viewed.

Phase 2: Monday 27 June 2016

  • A new submission and viewing interface for Turnitin in IVLE will be enabled.
  • Previously created submission folders will no longer be accessible in IVLE.

Phase 3: December 2016 (exact date to be confirmed)

  • Direct login to Turnitin using NUSNET ID and password will be disabled.
  • Login to Turnitin will require your Turnitin ID and password.

Turnitin users in NUS will no doubt have many questions regarding these changes. CIT urges you to read a comprehensive description of these changes.