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Here's some infotainment for Friday. You've probably heard of the Periodic Table of Elements, of which there are numerous online resources.

Instead of a regular web-based periodic table of elements, a team of chemists at the University of Nottingham have put together a series of short videos about the elements instead. Hat tip to The Chronicle of Higher Education's Wired Campus for highlighting this.

Lead by Professor Martyn Poliakoff, who has the Einstein-like crazy professor hair, the Periodic Videos team highlights interesting properties and stories about every element in the table - from Helium to Ununoctium.

They are very watchable, and I had trouble choosing a video to highlight in this post. I chose the one above because I felt it was the most appropriate, since this is all about the Periodic Table of the Elements. (Oh, there is also an interesting connection to vodka in that video too.)

The Periodic Videos are also available on YouTube.