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CIT News - April 2018

LumiNUS & You

It is just a few weeks until the end of semester.

The LumiNUS team has been busy readying LumiNUS for the Beta launch in time for AY18/19.

When the Beta launches, academic staff will have a few decisions to make.

As announced previously, LumiNUS beta and IVLE will run concurrently during AY18/19. The two learning management systems are entirely separate, so it is likely that students and staff will have to engage with both LumiNUS and IVLE in the next academic year.

Despite the inconveniences and possible confusion, we thought it would be best to create a bedding-in period for LumiNUS.

Academic staff will have to decide if they want to use LumiNUS or IVLE for their modules for the coming two semesters. There are several factors that you will need to take into account when choosing a platform for each module. For example, your level of comfort with technology, your tolerance for bugs, class size, among others.

Two groups of academic staff will have additional decisions to make:

  • Web Lecture (webcast) users, and
  • Academic staff co-teaching modules.

New web Lectures (webcasts) will only be available in LumiNUS. If you record a new Web Lecture, your web lectures will be in LumiNUS. This is because we are moving to a new web lecture system in AY18/19. The system has only been integrated with LumiNUS. If you reuse an existing web lecture (recorded prior to AY18/19), they will be only in IVLE.

Academic staff who co-teach modules will have to decide collectively about which platform to use. We encourage you to choose either IVLE or LumiNUS rather than splitting the module between two platforms. (Recall that IVLE and LumiNUS are not connected.)

You may want to sign up for access to the Alpha. You can also read on and sign up for the LumiNUS online information sessions.

LumiNUS online information sessions

This month, we will begin fortnightly webinars to introduce LumiNUS to the NUS community.

The sessions for April will be held on:

  • Tuesday 10 April 2018 at 12 noon
  • Wednesday 25 April 2018 at 12 noon

During the information sessions, you will find out our plans for LumiNUS and IVLE and learn more about the new and improved features in LumiNUS.

Further information

You can find more details about and explore what's new in LumiNUS. These pages will be updated as new information becomes available.

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