Congratulations to the winners of iCreate Mobility Challenge 2011!

The iCreate Mobility Challenge has come to a close. Many students participated, but there could only be one winner from each category. The top prizes went to:

  • Super IVLE Boy (Android category)
    • Chai Zheng Xin
    • Damien Tan Rong Tai
    • Yap Wei Rong
  • M3W (iOS category)
    • Cheok Jianzhong Matthew
    • Lee Xian Jieh
    • Liew Wee Keat
    • Sim Xiangli
  • JPPJFF (Mobile Web category)
    • Long Jinghan
    • Rong Juancheng
    • Wang Yong
    • Wu Qi
  • AppSycos (Windows Phone 7 category) (Overall Winner)
    • Amulya Khare
    • Chong Kwok Hoe, Ivan
    • Mohit Singh Kanwal
    • Rajul Gupta

Congratulations, once again, to all iCreate winning teams!

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