Political Authority: Got Difference Meh? (Video)

The upbringing could be the same, while their attitudes could be different. The work they do could be the same, yet the consequence could be so different. The stark difference between the life of a government official and the life of a Loanshark runner is what we will be highlighting in this video. While their acts of coercion demanded the same return, yet one is often accepted by society, while the other is not. Why?


  • Marcus Ng Wei Liang – Idea generation, Scriptwriter
  • Pandiyan Vinith Kumar – Cast
  • Lu Yong Xun – Cast
  • V Jolen Nivetha – Props making, idea generation
  • Tan Suan Zi, Chloe – Videographer, Video Editor
  • Sharon Ng Xin Jie – Script Writer, Cast


  • We would like to thank our tutor Jane for her input and opinions on our initial proposal that eventually led us to decide on the final video story line.

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