Prof Goh (Video)

The project is about Prof Goh, a certain philosophy professor who forces his students to pay subscription fee to his blog post. The blog post is essential to students as it contains essential for their exam. The students try to argue with the prof using philosophical concepts to dissuade him from forcing them to pay for the blog subscription.


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Deontologist Professor Loses It (Video)

An inter-university philosophy competition is approaching, and Prof Loy is looking for capable students to represent the Philosophy Department. After learning that his students have passed his most difficult quiz, he is optimistic of their performance in the competition. However, his TAs make a major revelation. Watch how Prof Loy, a deontologist, reacts and how his TAs use hedonic utilitarianism to defend their students!


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To eat or not to eat..the bacon of course! (Comics)

Bob taking GET1029 wakes up one morning and decides to cook breakfast. While cooking some bacon, he looks at the bacon and gets reminded about the quiz he did the previous night on Norcross’s puppy argument, and wonders if it is wrong to consume factory farmed meat. He thinks about various issues with reference to the utilitarian argument, the various lines of attack as well as the rebuttals. (Click on graphic to see the whole story.)


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