The Jurassic Dilemma (Infographic)

The Jurassic Dilemma The scientist’s revival of a new specie of dinosaur have sparked outrage from experts and scientists around the world. The Jurassic Times published an infographics news article exploring the various facts and opinions of people with regards to the issue. Data relevant to the discussion were brought up and released to the public. This infographic news article includes experts from different fields contributed their views to the discussion. Data regarding the happiness level of the dinosaurs and the budget of the research were brought up as foundations for debate. All characters,events and quotes in the article were purely fictional.


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PhiloPod: The Trolley Problem and Everything In-Between (Video)

PhiloPod is a mini pilot podcast project where our hosts Abe and Dave discuss pertinent philosophical problems. Episode 1029 will be focused on the renowned Trolley Problem, and you will be taken through the Utilitarian and Deontologist perspective, as well as touch briefly on the issue of endless disputes. Meant to be taken as a taste-test to the rest of the Podcast Web Lecture Series: GET1029 The Life, Universe and Everything.


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Jack’s Dilemma (Video)

Jack and Rose are on a cruise ship for their honeymoon. It unexpectedly hit an iceberg and started sinking. Jack manages to hop onto the last lifeboat, but there is only one space left. Rose (the love of his life) and a charitable millionaire (who will potentially save the lives of thousands of starving African children) are near the lifeboat. Jack is faced with a dilemma – who should he save? He weighs out his options considering the utilitarian approach. In the end, it was too tough a decision and he decides to jump off to die with Rose.


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The Sugar Daddy (Text Adventure)

The Sugar Daddy is a book role playing game (RPG) where readers may choose different morality-related paths that lead to their ultimate fates. Set in a future where sugar is a highly controlled substance, The story’s protagonist is a special agent that infiltrated the biggest illegal sugar dealer operative in Japan. Readers must make decisions to choose the dates of themselves and the characters around them.


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