How Do We Know? (Video)

A student from GET1029 teleports during his mid-term exam to find the answer to the essay question “How do we know?” This video explores briefly and in a lighthearted manner the various perspectives to the question. They include knowing from intuition, tradition, science, reason, or via arbitrary means.

In the post-credit scene, the viewer is left to tinker with the idea that what we think we know in this world might not be what actually is. [Credit and post-credit scene not to be included for grading. Only 0:00-2:15 for grading.]


  • Jovi Lim Jian An: Actor, Scriptwriter, Idea generator
  • Lai Quan Rong Justin: Actor, Scriptwriter
  • Lim Jia Le Bryson: Actor, Scriptwriter, Idea generator
  • Nur Shahfiqah Binte Muhamad Sukor: Editor
  • Soh Yong Hao: Actor
  • Vengada Ramesh S/O Balasubramaniam: Actor, Cameraman


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