Blame Who? (Video)

Koy and Laine spend an afternoon at the void deck. An inconsiderate act leads to an argument over moral responsibility, and whether anyone can truly have it. Laine believes that no one is truly morally responsible as we cannot be blamed for our actions if we cannot be blamed for the factors leading to them. Determined to test the limits of Laine’s beliefs, Kaine turns to his newspapers, and the frightful articles within.


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Free Will! (Text-based Game)

Free Will! is a text-based choose-your-own-adventure game relating to the topic of free will. As a member of the jury, players will make decisions that correspond to different philosophies on free will, which influence the ending of the story. At the end of their playthrough, the philosophy that most closely fits their choices will be explained to them. Will you free Will?


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How to Cheat in GET1029 (Video)

This is a video on a student attempting to cheat on his examination – and getting caught by the professor. However, he argues that he should not be punished because free will doesn’t exist — and if he doesn’t have free will, he shouldn’t be held morally responsible for his actions (in a causally deterministic or a causally indeterministic world). The video explores the idea of free will and moral responsibility, with 2 different endings audience can select based on their stance. (Yes/No links included in the video description – in case video options don’t work. Best viewed on desktop)


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