Political Authority: Moral (Un)Likeness (Video)

We present to the layman a digestible form of Huemer’s ‘Problem of Authority’ by drawing a parallel between conscription and forced gang recruitment. Through this, we question the moral basis for coercion and show that perhaps these acts of public bodies and private individuals may be morally analogous after all. (*Credits and bloopers not to be included for purposes of grading.)


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Puppies and Ang Ku Kueh (Interactive Game)

Through the interactive game on our website, we bring general players through an immersive scenario based on Norcross’s Puppy Argument as well as Lomasky’s replies to the argument. This leaves the players to think about their stance towards the consumption of factory farmed animal products in their daily lives. (Click on graphic to start.)


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The Problem of Evil (Video)

In our video, we explain the logical problem of evil to a general layman audience. We covered a simple introduction of how the problem of evil came about – if God exists, why does evil exists? Then we provided one of the most convincing counter argument – that the world is better with some evil in it. At the end, we aim to put this thought into our audiences’ brain and enable them to tinker with this idea.

W05G05 Members:

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The NUS: Political authority and Water (Video)


In this episode of the NUS (pronounced “noose”), we interview the general public to hear their opinions of the recent 30% water price hike in Singapore. Their hilarious responses will unveil the various arguments for and against legitimate political authority, bringing it across in a light-hearted manner. (Only 0:04-2:18 counted for grading.)


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Oh My God! (Video)

In our video, we briefly explore the contradictions between the existence of Evil and the beliefs of the classical Theist, as presented by Mackie. Targeted at the lay audience (any one), the video simply hopes to raise questions about some commonly held beliefs regarding God and Evil in a fun and understandable manner.


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Dear God, are You listening? (Video)

Filmed from first person point-of-view, our main character Joy continues to question why so much Evil exists when her God is supposed to be all good and all powerful. The video depicts what it could be like when one is extremely steadfast in their religious beliefs but also caught up with what is happening around the world – causing them to end up fighting an unending battle within themselves. (A short film based on The Problem of Evil (Week 8).)


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Newton & Eve (Comic)

This comic strip reframes the philosophical debate about compatibilism into the context of a wedding ceremony, where there stands two opposing beliefs about the compatibility of the lovebirds: Eve (symbolising Free Will) and Newton (symbolising Determinism). Our target audience is the common NUS student who might be interested in Philosophy.


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Drowning In Responsibilities… Or Not? (Video)

In our video, we explore the notion of Moral Responsibility through Singer’s Drowning Child Argument and Strawson’s Regress Argument. Khairin is caught in a moral dilemma – should he go for a once-in-a-lifetime interview with Prof Loy, or save Wilson (ball)? Angel Singer and Devil Strawson attempt to persuade him – what is his final decision?


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