How Do We Know? (Video)

A student from GET1029 teleports during his mid-term exam to find the answer to the essay question “How do we know?” This video explores briefly and in a lighthearted manner the various perspectives to the question. They include knowing from intuition, tradition, science, reason, or via arbitrary means.

In the post-credit scene, the viewer is left to tinker with the idea that what we think we know in this world might not be what actually is. [Credit and post-credit scene not to be included for grading. Only 0:00-2:15 for grading.]


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Philosophy Cult Society Weekly Videos: Knowledge and it’s Discontent (Video)

The Philosophy Cult Society is back again with their weekly videos, aimed at promoting their love for Philosophy. This week, the cult has decided to tackle on the topic of Knowledge and it’s Discontent, using ancient Chinese Philosophy featuring key characters such as Mozi, Zhuangzi and HuiShi. While Zhuangzi and HuiShi debate over the happiness of turtles, Mozi proposes his own objective standards of assessment for there to be true knowledge. But yet, can this really be considered objective? Is there really no such thing as true objective knowledge?


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