Free Will! (Text-based Game)

Free Will! is a text-based choose-your-own-adventure game relating to the topic of free will. As a member of the jury, players will make decisions that correspond to different philosophies on free will, which influence the ending of the story. At the end of their playthrough, the philosophy that most closely fits their choices will be explained to them. Will you free Will?


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Puppies and Ang Ku Kueh (Interactive Game)

Through the interactive game on our website, we bring general players through an immersive scenario based on Norcross’s Puppy Argument as well as Lomasky’s replies to the argument. This leaves the players to think about their stance towards the consumption of factory farmed animal products in their daily lives. (Click on graphic to start.)


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Lost (Haiku)


We have created a Haiku to explain Singer’s drowning child argument as well as the other perspectives of the issue (deontology and virtue ethics) in a concise manner. We hope that non-philosophy NUS students will understand the rationale for helping a starving child in a poor country through this poem.


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