How to Cheat in GET1029 (Video)

This is a video on a student attempting to cheat on his examination – and getting caught by the professor. However, he argues that he should not be punished because free will doesn’t exist — and if he doesn’t have free will, he shouldn’t be held morally responsible for his actions (in a causally deterministic or a causally indeterministic world). The video explores the idea of free will and moral responsibility, with 2 different endings audience can select based on their stance. (Yes/No links included in the video description – in case video options don’t work. Best viewed on desktop)


  • Amos- Actor and props
  • Daryl: Actor and props
  • Hannah: Cameraman, props and uploading/subbing of video
  • Celine: Editing of video and actress
  • Tai Yun: Actor and script
  • Tien Feng: Actress and proposal

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