Pork Chops & Ice Cream (Video)

This video shows our version of Norcross’s puppy argument. Max dismisses vegetarianism since “1 person cannot make a difference”, before Victor pranks him by giving him chocolate ice cream, telling him there’s cocoamone in it and explaining that puppies were tortured for it. Victor implies to Max that Max’s outrage over the puppy torture is self-contradictory.


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In the shoes of the factory-farmed animals (Video)

A conversation between two friends at a restaurant brings out a reason for humans to consume factory-farmed meat (against Norcross’ Puppy Argument). In an unfortunate twist of events, the fate of the meat lover is sealed when he is put into the shoes of a factory-farmed animal…….. As we look at the video, think: would we treat factory-farmed animals the same if we were the one’s farmed instead?


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The Meatup (Video)

A short video clip on the topic of “Factory-Farmed Meat”, covering the issue of the Rationality Objection and the possible replies to it by utilising a hypothetical example of us humans eating human meat. In this video, we attempt to demonstrate how there are no morally relevant differences or qualities that exist between humans and animals that would allow us to treat the two groups differently on whether we can consume them as food or not.


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Grand Opening!! Try our 3-course meal of factory-farmed meat and our secret recipe dessert! (Poster)

We present the for and against arguments with regards to the consumption of factory-farmed meat through the review of a newly-opened restaurant. The various arguments, presented in the style of a forum, provide the audience with multiple perspectives and factors of consideration to allow them to make an informed decision before deciding whether to patronise this restaurant.


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Argument against Factory Farmed Food (Video)

Two friends were on their way to have a meal together. Right before they entered the restaurant, they were offered a flyer which conveyed the message of anti factory farming. However, they threw it away. In the restaurant, one of the friend ordered different kinds of meat and dishes. When the other friend was asked if he wanted anything else, he said he wanted shark’s fin soup. That led to a debate on whether there is a difference between consuming factory farmed food and shark’s fin soup, and whether it is right to consume both.


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