I still ain’t giving my consent! A Tale of Political Authority (Video)

Our project submission revolves the notion of political authority and government coercion. In our video, an anarchistic rabbit engages in a battle of wits with his fellow animals when the ruling party instates a new policy he does not agree with. Through this “Animal Farm”-inspired enactment, we delve into Huemer’s arguments against political authority and government coercion, exploring what it means to live in a world unbounded by the rules and regulations of the state.


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Ah beng’s political protest (Video)

Why do we allow governments to do things that we don’t usually allow individuals to do? Why do we allow them to collect taxes, send us to the army for 2 years, and restrict the teeny weeny bits of our lifestyles, such as whether or not we sell chewing gum? The following is a political protest by Ah Beng, a disenchanted citizen, who invites all of you to sing along to the familiar tune of ‘Home’.


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Political Authority: Got Difference Meh? (Video)

The upbringing could be the same, while their attitudes could be different. The work they do could be the same, yet the consequence could be so different. The stark difference between the life of a government official and the life of a Loanshark runner is what we will be highlighting in this video. While their acts of coercion demanded the same return, yet one is often accepted by society, while the other is not. Why?


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Philopoly (Board Game)

Philopoly is the game of buying and selling properties so profitably that players increase their wealth – the richest eventually wins. In this property trading board game, concepts on Political Authority will be illustrated. A King is selected by chance and have moral permission to coerce His subjects. Will subjects choose to change their fate or remain loyal to such authority?


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