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Our colleague, Yanti Binte Mohamed, participated in the Public Service 10-Pin Bowling Tournament held in July 2023 and the team achieved 3rd place. The team who represented NUS under the women’s category consists of Yanti, Cassandra, Loi Choo, Salmah & Noraidah. These ladies emerged victorious among the strong teams from various ministries and educational institutes.

Congratulation to Yanti and her team! 😊

ASEAN Experiential Learning Programme (AELP) is a biennial youth activity initiated by AUN Student Affairs Network (SAN) which aims to serve as a platform for students to undergo experiential learning through knowledge sharing and hands on activities pertinent to social, economic and environmental issues in ASEAN region. The 2023 AELP National Conference was held on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 June 2023.

Students at 2023 AELP National Conference

NUS hosted students from various ASEAN universities. In the planning of a learning journey program for them, Sushin, the Deputy Director for Global Relations from the NUS Student Union and the representative of the ASEAN Experiential Learning Programme, partnered with the Centre of Instructional Teaching (CIT).

Sushin Deputy Director for Global Relations from the NUS Student Union presenting memento to Shyam, Senior Associate Director CIT

With the theme of Digital-ready society pillar in our overall Smart Nation theme, a briefing was provided with NUS impact and CIT core services like Learning Platforms, Blended Learning Initiative, Digital Assessment, Learning Space and other Projects.

Shyam briefing the Students

Later the students also visited CIT studios and NUS Imaginarium for experiential learning. This offered amazing opportunity for AELP to showcase the innovative initiatives that CIT has implemented to their participants!

Students experiencing Lighboard setup

Students experiencing Imaganarium

Students experiencing Imaganarium

CIT studio with Azman


Town Plaza (TP) Global Learning Room had an analogue based audio-video (av) system which was installed in 2010. Because of its tiered layout, dual screens, confidence monitors and lecture recording capabilities, beside being used as a teaching venue, it is also used for events such as conferences and symposiums.

Scope of Work

Installed in 2010, infrastructure was ugraded to digital signals. Other upgrading works included replacing the teaching console, installing a writable projection whiteboard, confidence monitors, full high definition pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, ceiling microphones for hands-free instructor and student participation and allowing remote teaching and learning by converting this to a Zoom Room.

a) Teaching console

The teaching console is customized to allow user ample space to place their document files or notebook.

b) Writable Projection Whiteboards with Short-throw Projectors

Short throw, lamp less-based projectors and writable projection whiteboards were installed.

c) Confidence Monitors

Two 55-inch LED Monitors were installed in the room to allow better viewing for the instructor. These allow the instructor to view the contents being displayed to students. By having two large displays, it allows versatility as two different contents can be shared at once. It also provide for dynamic and interactive teaching approach.

d) Full HD PTZ Cameras

Digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras were installed for higher definition recording during hybrid mode.

Front Cam – Student View

Back Cam – Lecturer’s View

e) Beamform Ceiling Microphones

To provide hands free audio support for both the instructor and students, the beamform ceiling microphones were installed in replace with the obsolete condenser ceiling microphones. The ceiling beamform microphones offered high quality audio capture and distribution. They were installed flush with the ceiling providing an unobtrusive and streamlined appearance.


f) Zoom Room

To further support hybrid mode of during lessons, Zoom Room was included in this installation. Some important features using Zoom Room is that it enables user to start a Zoom meeting with minimal fuss.

Zoom Room offers interactive features such as virtual whiteboards, chat functionality, polling and breakout rooms. These tools can enhance student engagement and promote collaborative learning.

Another highlight would be the screen sharing content. Both lecturers and students can ‘share screen’ their slideshows or documents in the room wirelessly and without connecting into the zoom meeting session. This promote an interactive and inclusive learning environment.