CIT January 2018 Newsletter

TeamUp for Staff and Students

TeamUp is a collaboration and communication tool that allows you to chat, exchange messages, links and files with members in your teams. Public channels, private groups, and 1-1 private messages can be used to keep conversations relevant. Messages, chats and threaded discussions can coexist anytime in TeamUp and all replies to messages are threaded so that communication can easily be followed. For large teams, you can set up smaller private groups. Communication can be anytime and anywhere. TeamUp can be accessed via the web, and desktop and mobile apps exist for most platforms. The key features for TeamUp:-

  • Open source and hosted at NUS.
  • Unlike other chat apps, you need not share your phone numbers to use it.
  • Create course 'teams' for sharing messages, links and files.
  • Public channels, private groups, and 1-1 direct messages.
  • Can be accessed via the web, desktop, or mobile app.

To use TeamUp for your course, please access this service at
For non-teaching related use of TeamUp, please access this service at
If you need assistance on TeamUp, please access the TeamUp guide.

Digital Assessments with ExamSoft

You can now conduct your continuous assessments, small and high-stakes examinations online using a service provided by CIT called ExamSoft.

ExamSoft enables NUS staff to conduct DIY (do-it-yourself) proctored digital assessments on students' own notebooks inside an open or closed-book secure environment. The students' familiarity with their own devices allows them to concentrate on the assessment rather than the mode of assessment.

ExamSoft manages all aspects of the assessment (delivery, attempt and submission of answer scripts) ensuring security and integrity are maintained throughout the duration of the assessment. At the highest security level, this includes blocking access to external programs, local files and internet during the duration of the digital assessments. NUS staff can choose to receive detailed student performance analytics once the assessment is completed.

To get more information on Digital Assessments, kindly refer to:

Zoom for Web Conferencing

CIT will be replacing its web conferencing software called WebEx with Zoom.

Zoom is a web conferencing tool that unifies video conferencing, online meetings, and collaboration in an easy to use platform. Zoom's extensive features, compatibility with desktop and mobile devices and boardroom conferencing systems allow participants to have a rich web conferencing experience with both NUS and external users.

Zoom allows you to conduct online meetings and trainings with high definition (HD) video and audio and a full suite of collaboration tools, screen sharing features and breakout rooms.

If you intend to schedule regular remote meetings, conferencing sessions, virtual classrooms or training webinars, then Zoom can meet your needs. For more information on this service, please refer to this link:

WebEx will expire on 31st March 2018.

Centre for Instructional Technology
For more information on this service or other CIT services, please email to:
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