Use of a user behavior module to make an Learning Management System more student-centric

by Jeffery TAY


With increased focus on end user experience, it is extremely important to understand their usage behavior and tune our systems to enhance their experience. Capturing usage information not only helps us understand their behavior, it benefits other areas as well such as audits, investigation and capacity sizing.

In 2009, NUS built a user behaviour monitoring module into its own home grown Virtual Learning Management System (LMS), which allowed us to track the user's movement within the LMS and understand their usage pattern.

The results gathered busted a fair number of assumptions which we had over students' behaviour and had us surprised.

The presentation will showcase the expected as well as unexpected findings from this behaviour module as well as how we adapted our LMS to be more student centric.

Paper Presentation at eLearning Forum Asia 2011 in NTU, Singapore. 8, 9 & 10 June 2011.

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