US Presidential Election system primer

As a community in a school of higher learning, we should be interested in the world around us. Right now, the biggest news is the financial crisis, but another major and on-going news story is the United States Presidential election.

Arguably, this is the one overseas election that matters the most to everyone in the world.

The thing is that election systems differ greatly across countries, and the US is no different. So, let the Lee LeFever of the CommonCraft show explain how the US President is elected in plain English.

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2 thoughts on “US Presidential Election system primer

  1. Kenneth Pinto (admin)

    Probably painstakingly. There are 24 or 29.2 (if I remember correctly) frames per second, so you film, stop, move the votes, film again, stop, move the votes and repeat the process until all the votes are in the box. The you edit such that on each frame, the votes get closer and closer to the box until they are finally in the box.

    I’m not sure if that’s what they did, but that’s they way I would have done it.

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