NUS events on IVLE mobile launched

NUS departments can now get more visibility for their events by being able to advertise their events on IVLE mobile (iOS and Android) through a launch of a app for both platforms on IVLE mobile

CIT and Computer Centre thank all students who participated in iCreate 2013

This annual competition encourages NUS students to develop mobile applications to improve the experience of student life for NUS students. To date about 50 mobile applications have been created for student by students. This year’s prize award ceremony was held on 6 August. The iCreate 2013 organizers would like to thank all the participants and especially the winners for this competition. View the apps developed by the participants.

Orientation for NUS faculty and teaching assistants using Coursera

CIT will be conducting an orientation for faculty and teaching assistants who will be involved in creating Coursera MOOCs.

The purpose of this orientation is to familiarise faculty and teaching assistants who will be using Coursera with its user interface and functions.

This session will provide an overview and best practices to get staff selected for MOOCs to start creating content on the Coursera platform.

Faculty and TAs who will be using Coursera platform to teach in the coming semester have been contacted via email to register and attend. There will be two sessions to choose from. Read the course outline.

Dates: Fri 16 Aug 2013 or Wed 4 Sep 2013
Time: 10 am to 12 noon (same time on both days)
Venue: CIT Global Classroom, Level 3, Computer Centre building, Kent Ridge Campus

Vote for your favourite student app in iCreate Mobility Challenge 2013!

The teams participating in iCreate Mobility Challenge 2013 need your votes to win!

View the presentations of the teams and vote for your favourite app before 4th August 2013, 11:59 p.m.

Your vote is powerful!

Pass the word to your friends, your family or the world! The more votes each app gets, the better the chance of that team winning.

There’s something in it for NUS voters, too: one lucky NUS voter will stand to walk away with attractive prizes.

For more information on voting, visit