Factory Farming: To Eat or Not To Eat? (Infographic)

It’s an info graphic that shows both side of the factory farming argument, in addition to some facts that the reader should consider while debating this argument. We also leave unanswered questions to prompt the reader to think for themselves, and in so doing, hopefully pick up an interest in GET1029!


  • CHENG XIN RUI – Contrasted Arguments
  • PANG JING WEN, EUNICE- Graphic Design
  • CHOW JIA LE, KELVIN – Background Research for facts
  • DAVE GOH ZHEN HUI – Food For Thought and Conclusion
  • KONG TECK KUAN – Idea Generation


  • Image of Lomasky (link)
  • Image of Norcoss (link)
  • Pie graph for animal abuse (link)
  • Crying calf (link)
  • Line graph image and source (link)
  • Information about Norcoss (link)
  • Information about Lomasky (link)
  • Data for food facts (link)
  • Separation of calves (link)

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