Pork Chops & Ice Cream (Video)

This video shows our version of Norcross’s puppy argument. Max dismisses vegetarianism since “1 person cannot make a difference”, before Victor pranks him by giving him chocolate ice cream, telling him there’s cocoamone in it and explaining that puppies were tortured for it. Victor implies to Max that Max’s outrage over the puppy torture is self-contradictory.


  • Chandreyee – Filming, Video Editing, Scriptwriting, Idea generation
  • Claryl – Filming, controlling puppet Max, Idea generation
  • Daksha – Voice actor for Victor, Idea generation
  • Jillian – Filming, controlling puppet Victor, Idea generation
  • Pooja – Voice actor for Max, Idea generation


  • Alastair Norcross, “Puppies, Pigs, and People: Eating Meat and Marginal Cases”

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