The Story of YewTee, Dion and Will (Graphic Story)

A picture book about a pair of Philosopher parents’ dilemma to save or sacrifice their child, who has the ability to cure “Philoscolosis” – a disease that plagues people with existential crises. The story will cover Right or Wrong in term of Utilitarianism and Deontology, and Free Will.


  • CELINE GOH SHI YING – Idea generation, building picture book
  • CHEUNG WAI HIM, SAMANTHA – Idea generation, story narration
  • HO FOONG YEE ALINA – Idea generation, building picture book
  • LIM HIAN WEE, VIN – Idea generation, story narration
  • KHOO YONG GUAN – Idea generation, creation of scene list NIL

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