In the shoes of the factory-farmed animals (Video)

A conversation between two friends at a restaurant brings out a reason for humans to consume factory-farmed meat (against Norcross’ Puppy Argument). In an unfortunate twist of events, the fate of the meat lover is sealed when he is put into the shoes of a factory-farmed animal…….. As we look at the video, think: would we treat factory-farmed animals the same if we were the one’s farmed instead?


  • Carisa Chan Xin En – conceptualization, props
  • Esis Quek Lee Sze – conceptualization, props, voiceover, video editing Ivy
  • Heng Yee Eng – conceptualization, props, voiceover
  • Julian Sng Wei Meng – conceptualization, voiceover, video editing
  • Marcus Jeremiah Choo – conceptualization, logistics
  • Tang Soon Chien Joel – conceptualization


  • GET1029/GEK1067 L03 Factory-Farmed Meat
  • Norcross, A. (2004). Puppies, pigs, and people: Eating meat and marginal cases. Philosophical perspectives, 18(1), 229-245.
  • Airport Cafe Ambience (Background Sound Effect) (Timing from 0.00s to 0.05s)
  • 5 Hours Later… | SpongeBob Time Card #97

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