Everyday Münchhausen (Video)

In reference to the Regress Argument for Skepticism, the video localises the trilemma and presents its prevalence in everyday Singaporean life. We hope to make the arguments more palatable for a general audience, as they identify themselves within the examples, and question the legitimacy of any knowledge we hold.


  • Zenda Tan Wei Jia – Provided the recording device, edited the script, and acted in the video
  • Dong Weiyu – Acted in the video, and helped scout for locations for filming.
  • Cheryl Soh Jia En – Sole video editor
  • Evelyn Kok Siew Peng – Created a skeletal for the script, and in charge of project write-up
  • Low Guo Xin – Acted in the video, and helped to scout for locations for filming

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