Dessert For Thought (Review)


Our project features a cafe review on a dessert made using hormones obtained from torturing puppies. The comments section features ‘Lomasky’ and ‘Norcross’ arguing. We aim to illustrate and promote understanding of the arguments on ‘consumption of factory-farmed animals’ in a light-hearted manner. We will target netizens and Philosophy students.


  • Chuah Xing Jun – Arguments (Lomasky)
  • Ker Wei Qi – Blog and arguments (Norcross)
  • Tan Rong Ying – Arguments (Norcross)
  • Charlene Tan – Blog and arguments (Lomasky)



  • Loy, H.C. (2016). Week four: Eating meat [Powerpoint slides]. National University of Singapore.
  • Norcross, A. (2004). Puppies, pigs, and people: Eating meat and marginal cases. Philosophical Perspectives, 18, 229-245.
  • Chocolate mousse [Image] (2010). Retrieved from

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