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Specialist Associate, Centre for Instructional Technology

Poll Everywhere is a Classroom Response System that allows you to ask various types of questions to students to identify gaps in their understanding and to get students to feedback and contribute ideas. CIT has adopted this service and is organizing a few introductory sessions on Poll Everywhere at both Kent Ridge, Bukit Timah Campus and Outram Campus.

For a quick overview of Poll Everywhere, please watch this video.

For more information, please visit our website.

CIT’s newsletter for August 2018 has been published. For our August 2018 newsletter, we have launched a new audience response service called Poll Everywhere and also inform users about our existing services on Zoom and Module Trailers.

CIT has collaborated with NUS Teaching Academy to produce a series of introductory videos on NUS’ inspiring teachers. This video series highlights the strategies and engagement techniques used by NUS inspiring teachers when they teach their students. To date, CIT has produced 32 videos that have been showcased to NUS Teaching Academy’s website,