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Mr Fung Fun Man, Department of Chemistry, NUS, has published a peer-reviewed international article in Journal of Chemical Education (ACS Publication). He has documented the utilization of CIT's Lightboard in a large freshmen chemistry module, problems they solved and challenges faced.

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CIT has been successfully audited for the new ISO standard of ISO 9001:2015. The audit covers the main areas of CIT services namely courseware development, multimedia productions, management of CIT studio, University Town audio-video support and system and server administration of CIT services.

Counting down to the graduation from Yale-Nus College, Class of 2017 will be the first graduating Yale-NUS class. The inaugural ceremony will be held on the May 29, 2017 at University Cultural Centre (UCC) . CIT will be recording this event and streaming it live.

Module Trailers

Module trailers are 1 to 2 minute short videos that give students a preview of your module.  The aim of having a module trailer is to excite students about the module and its relevance. Impactful module trailers have the potential to also dispel fears or uncertainty among students who want to sign up for your module. CIT conducts regular training sessions for faculty to create their module trailers. For more information on these training sessions, please visit CIT website at ..


A new video content management system called MediaWeb has been launched. MediaWeb provides speech-to-text and higher levels of user access controls; for example, you can make your video accessible to selected staff or for your department. For more information on MediaWeb, please visit CIT website at ..

Web Lecture Portal

You can now access lectures recorded by CIT through the new Web Lecture portal. Supporting mobile access, this web lecture portal supports speech-to-text and spoken word searches. Faculty can get detailed analytics on the viewing patterns of their students through this web lecture portal.

For more information on accessing this web lecture portal, please visit CIT website at …

NUS TeamUp

TeamUp allows you to create teams with whom you can chat, exchange links and files. This can be done via the web, mobile or desktop apps. Unlike other chat apps, you need not share your phone numbers to use it. Also, replies to messages can be threaded so that communication is kept in context.
In TeamUp, you can group chat with everyone in a team. For large teams, you can set up smaller private groups. Like most messaging service, you can also direct message other members in your team. The service is open to staff and students. TeamUp can be used for modules, projects or any other situation where group communication is needed.

For more information on this service and other CIT services, please email to: