I still ain’t giving my consent! A Tale of Political Authority (Video)

Our project submission revolves the notion of political authority and government coercion. In our video, an anarchistic rabbit engages in a battle of wits with his fellow animals when the ruling party instates a new policy he does not agree with. Through this “Animal Farm”-inspired enactment, we delve into Huemer’s arguments against political authority and government coercion, exploring what it means to live in a world unbounded by the rules and regulations of the state.


  • Chi Changye – Idea generation, acting
  • Ng Jing Keat – Idea generation, acting
  • Soo Hui Lin – Idea generation, acting
  • Laural Lee Aishan – Idea generation, scripting, acting and editing
  • Titus Quek Wei Yang – Idea generation, scripting, acting, filmography, editing


  • Michael Huemer – The Problem of Authority

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