The Sugar Daddy (Text Adventure)

The Sugar Daddy is a book role playing game (RPG) where readers may choose different morality-related paths that lead to their ultimate fates. Set in a future where sugar is a highly controlled substance, The story’s protagonist is a special agent that infiltrated the biggest illegal sugar dealer operative in Japan. Readers must make decisions to choose the dates of themselves and the characters around them.


  • Lim Hui Yim Joyce – Idea generation (i.g.), edits, D3 (a heavy part)
  • Michael Tan Wei Kai – I.g., edits, D1, Notes
  • Ong Yuxuan Delson – I.g., edits, D1 R2, D2 R1
  • Phua Zai Ting Aaaron – I.g., edits, D3 R1, Epilogue
  • Charanpreet Singh – I.g., edits, D2 R2, D3
  • Joely Ho – I.d., edits, D1 R1, D3 R2, cover art


  • References for Cover Art Anon, (2017).
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  • The Godfather for inspiration to the cover art.

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