Argument against Factory Farmed Food (Video)

Two friends were on their way to have a meal together. Right before they entered the restaurant, they were offered a flyer which conveyed the message of anti factory farming. However, they threw it away. In the restaurant, one of the friend ordered different kinds of meat and dishes. When the other friend was asked if he wanted anything else, he said he wanted shark’s fin soup. That led to a debate on whether there is a difference between consuming factory farmed food and shark’s fin soup, and whether it is right to consume both.


  • Ang Hui Min Sheena – Actress (Waitress), Coordinator
  • Cheryl Wang – Videographer/Editor
  • Jared Lim Jun Yan – Actor (Friend 1), Scriptwriter
  • Sim Zhen Jie – Actor (Friend 2), Scriptwriter


  • Song: “High” by Lyfo

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