The Problem of Evil (Video)

In our video, we explain the logical problem of evil to a general layman audience. We covered a simple introduction of how the problem of evil came about – if God exists, why does evil exists? Then we provided one of the most convincing counter argument – that the world is better with some evil in it. At the end, we aim to put this thought into our audiences’ brain and enable them to tinker with this idea.

W05G05 Members:

  • Cheryl Grace Wee Jia Yi – Idea generation and research, Scriptwriter, Vocal Recording
  • Mui Kai Yuan – Idea generation and research, Scriptwriter
  • Tan Ye An – Idea generation and research, Video Editor
  • Tran Viet Quang – Idea generation and research, Scriptwriter

Acknowledgements and References:

  • “Evil and Omnipotence” by J.L. Mackie
  • “Problem of Evil” by Prof Loy Hui Chieh

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