Peanuts featuring Factory-farmed Food (Comics)


Our group aims to entertain and educate the general public about the consumption of factory-farmed meat through a series of Peanuts comic strips. Leveraging on Norcross’ Utilitarian Argument, we attempt to persuade meat-lovers, through humour, to stop consuming factory-farmed meat since it brings more misery than happiness altogether.


  • Tony Tan Loo Tat – Scriptwriting & Production of Comic
  • Claribel Low Sin Yee – Scriptwriting & Cover Page
  • Lau Wei Jie Jonathan – Production of Comic & Cover Page
  • King Pierre Sarmiento Moncal – Production of Comic
  • Yak Sze Hui Clinton – Production of Comic


  • Peanuts, © Iconix Brand Group and Charlie M. Schulz Creative Associates. (The use of this material for educational purposes constitutes fair use under Cap. 63 of the Singapore Copyright Act.)

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