Wang Yiying


Wang Yiying


Personal Particulars
PhD student
NUS Environmental Research Institute,


Singapore, 138602

Office: #15-02



M.Sc., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2021

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University Malaysia, Selangor, 2016-2020.

Research Interests

Waste-to-Energy Conversion


  1. He, X., Wang, Y., Tai, M. H., Lin, A., Owyong, S., Li, X., Leong, K., Yusof, M. L. M., Ghosh, S., & Wang, C.-H.* (2022). Integrated applications of water hyacinth biochar: A circular economy case study. Journal of Cleaner Production, 134621.
  2. Wang, Y., Lin, G., Li, X., Tai, M. H., Song, S., Tan, H. T. W., Leong, K., Yip, E. Y. B., Lee, G. Y. C., Dai, Y., & Wang, C.-H.* (2023). Meeting the heavy-metal safety requirements for food crops by using biochar: An investigation using sunflower as a representative plant under different atmospheric CO2 concentrations. Science of The Total Environment, 867, 161452.

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