Dr. Guo Qiang

Guo Qiang  



Personal Particulars
Senior Research Fellow
Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore, 4 Engineering Drive 2, E5-B-12, Singapore, 117576
Professional Profile: Google Scholar; ResearchGate; Web of Science
Phone: (65) 9724 3759
Email:guoq52ce@nus.edu.sg   guoq52ce@gmail.com



Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences                  09/2014-07/2019

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Yunnan University                                                                                                  09/2010-07/2014

B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering and Technology


Work Experience

National University of Singapore                                                                           12/2023-Present

Senior Research Fellow

Columbia University                                                                                               11/2019-11/2023

Postdoc Research Scientist


Research Interests

Multiphase granular flow; Reactor scale-up and optimization; Tomographic imaging; Continuum and discrete modeling; Life cycle assessment


Selected Publications

  • Guo, C. Spitler, J.M. Sanghishetty, C.M. Boyce, Advances in vibrated gas-fluidized beds, Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering. 42 (2023) 100977. Link
  • Guo, S. Chiu, W. Da, C.M. Boyce, Heat transfer within dynamically structured bubbling fluidized beds subject to vibration: A two-fluid modeling study, AIChE Journal. 69 (2023) e17970. Link
  • Guo, W. Da, W. Da, C.M. Boyce, Faraday wave instability analog in vibrated gas-fluidized granular particles, Physical Review E. 107 (2023) 034603. Link
  • Guo, C.M. Boyce, Structured bubbling in layered gas-fluidized beds subject to vibration: A CFD-DEM study, AIChE Journal. 68 (2022) e17709. Link
  • Guo, Y. Zhang, C. Vazquez, K. Xi, C.M. Boyce, Multi-Fluid Model Simulations of Gravitational Instabilities in Fluidized Binary Granular Materials, AIChE Journal. 68 (2022) e17714. Link
  • Guo, A. Bordbar, L. Ma, Y. Yu, S. Xu, C.M. Boyce, M. Ye, A CFD-DEM study of the solid-like and fluid-like states in the homogeneous fluidization regime of Geldart A particles, AIChE Journal. 68 (2022) e17420. Link
  • Guo, Y. Zhang, T.M. Kovar, K. Xi, C.M. Boyce, A Rayleigh-Bénard Convection Instability Analog in Vibrated Gas-Fluidized Granular Particles, Soft Matter. 18 (2022) 3323–3327. Link
  • Guo, Y. Zhang, A. Padash, K. Xi, T.M. Kovar, C.M. Boyce, Dynamically structured bubbling in vibrated gas-fluidized granular materials, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 118 (2021) e2108647118. Link (Featured in Scientific American)
  • Guo, A. Padash, C.M. Boyce, A Two Fluid Modeling Study of Bubble Collapse due to Bubble Interaction in a Fluidized Bed, Chemical Engineering Science. (2020) 116377. Link (Featured on Journal front cover)
  • Guo, X. Li, B. Hou, G. Mariethoz, M. Ye, W. Yang, Z. Liu, A Novel Image Reconstruction Strategy for ECT: Combining Two Algorithms With a Graph Cut Method, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. 69 (2020) 804–814. Link
  • Guo, M. Ye, W. Yang, Z. Liu, A machine learning approach for electrical capacitance tomography measurement of gas–solid fluidized beds, AIChE Journal. 65 (2019) e16583. Link
  • Guo, S. Meng, D. Wang, Y. Zhao, M. Ye, W. Yang, Z. Liu, Investigation of gas-solid bubbling fluidized beds using ECT with a modified Tikhonov regularization technique, AIChE Journal. 64 (2018) 29–41. Link
  • Guo, S. Meng, Y. Zhao, L. Ma, D. Wang, M. Ye, W. Yang, Z. Liu, Experimental Verification of Solid-like and Fluid-like States in the Homogeneous Fluidization Regime of Geldart A Particles, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 57 (2018) 2670–2686. Link
  • Xi, Q. Guo, C.M. Boyce, Comparison of CFD-DEM and TFM simulations of single bubble injection in 3D gas-fluidized beds with MRI results, Chemical Engineering Science. 243 (2021) 116738. Link (Co-first author)
  • Xi, Q. Guo, C.M. Boyce, Comparison of Two-Fluid Model Simulations of Freely Bubbling Three-Dimensional Gas-Fluidized Beds with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Results, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 60 (2021) 7429–7442. Link (Co-first author, Featured on Journal front cover)


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