Waste to Energy and Resource

Interest in using “Biomass” and “Solid Wastes” for energy production has been increasing dramatically, as biomass is a renewable resource for energy and environmentally friendly material. Additionally, there are many other solid waste materials which can be utilized to generate energy efficiently and more economically. For example, Sewage sludge, unavoidable product from wastewater treatment, and Municipal Solid Wastes which mostly contain carbon and other organic matters as well as inorganic matters such as heavy metals. The improper disposal of sewage sludge wastes can cause all types of pollution: air, soil, and water. Indiscriminate dumping of sewage sludge wastes can contaminate surface and ground water supplies. These negative environmental impacts are only a result of solid waste disposal; they do not include the substantial environmental degradation resulting from the extraction and processing of materials at the beginning of the product life cycle. Therefore, it has become a matter of urgency to unearth alternative options to solve this problem. Incineration is the main technology in Singapore, which is used for converting those solid waste materials into heat via complete combustion process. The heat produced is used to generate super-heated steam which is subsequently used to drive turbo-generators to produce electricity. However, burning of solid wastes in incinerators leads to the seriously negative environmental and public health effects which caused by the release of toxic gases such as NOx, furans and dioxins. Moreover, there is less and less space for land fill of ashes, arising from the incineration process, in a comparatively small country.

Figure 1 Gasification for conversion biomass and/or solid wastes into clean energy

GASIFICATION, whereby biomass and/or wastes is converted to synthesis gas (a mixture of H2 and CO) and other gases, provides an attractive alternative process to incineration as the reducing (or oxygen-deficient) atmosphere in gasifier does not provide environment required for those toxic gases to be formed, and hence preventing the aforesaid problems of incineration.

As Singapore is an energy import society, energy security is one of the most important issues. By this energy recovery from solid waste materials such as “waste” woody biomass and other solid wastes which need to be disposed in every single day, it would reduce the dependence on imported fuel and raise the level of energy self-sufficiency.
Moreover, the disposal of solid residues such as char and ashes – the unavoidable solid by-products from gasification facilities – is also one of the concerns as ashes may contain concentrations of mineral compounds, heavy metals and also organic compounds (i.e. PAHs) arising from incomplete combustion of solid wastes. As a result, disposal of the ashes is creating grave risks to the environment as well as human health. Majority of ashes is dumped or used in low-valued methods such as using as a land-fill material. However, the cost of landfilling is now dramatically increasing due to the presence of toxic compounds, strict environmental regulations and limited availability of landfill space, especially in land-limited countries likes Singapore. From those points of view, it is important to develop beneficial applications of ashes as well as char to solve the concerns associated with their disposal. This will not only provides a cost-effective and environmental friendly way of recycling the solid residue wastes from gasification, significantly reducing its environmental effects, but also produces the highly-valued products.

Figure 2 shows the overview of our GASIFICATION AND WASTE-TO-ENERGY researches which includes three main parts: (i) biomass and solid wastes gasification for syngas and/or electricity generation, focusing on both experimental and numerical simulation works; (ii) evaluation of human health and environmental effects of all emissions from the gasification system, mainly focusing on establishing a standard protocol for rapid screening of gasification ashes on the basis of in vitro and in vivo testing; and (iii) utilization of solid residual wastes generated from gasification process, mainly focusing on the conversion of fly/bottom ashes, char and other residues into high value materials.

Figure 2 Summary of our GASIFICATION AND WASTE-TO-ENERGY researches

Figure 2A Hybrid Energy System Combined Gasifier and Solar Energy (Green Building)


We have cooperated with industrial partner, i.e. Bioplas Energy (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd., on developing of gasification systems (medium and industrial scales) for biomass and solid waste. Moreover, we have also cooperated with Sembcorp on developing of high value products from ash wastes arising from gasification and/or incineration facilities. 

We have successfully conducted gasification of biomass and some solid wastes such as sewage sludge, chicken and horse manures and food waste by using downdraft fixed bed gasifier (lab scale) in order to produce syngas (as a fuel for electricity generation). We are now moving forward to the next step by collaborating with industrial partner in developing of gasification systems (including medium and industrial scales). Moreover, we are now also cooperating with another industrial partner in developing of high value products from ash wastes arising from gasification and/or incineration facilities.


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