Principal Investigator

Contact 6516 5079
Location E5-02-31


  • PhD (Chem. Eng.) Princeton, 1996
  • MA (Chem. Eng.) Princeton, 1993
  • MSc (Biomedical Eng.) Johns Hopkins, 1991
  • BSc (Chem. Eng.) Natn’ l Taiwan, 1987

Selected Publications

V. Sunil, A. Mozhi, W. Zhan, J. H. Teoh, P. B. Ghode, N. V. Thakor, C.H. Wang, “In-situ vaccination using dual responsive organelle targeted nanoreactors”, Biomaterials, 290, 121843 (2022).

X. He, Y. Wang, M. H. Tai, A. Lin, S. Owyong, X. Li, K. Leong, M. L.M. Yusof, S. Ghosh, C.H. Wang, “Integrated applications of water hyacinth biochar: A circular economy case study”, Journal of Cleaner Production 378, 134621 (2022).

Y. Wang, G. Lin, X. Li, M. H. Tai, S. Song, H. T. Wah Tan, K. Leong, E. Y. B. Yip, G. Y. C. Lee, Y. Dai, C.H. Wang, “Meeting the heavy-metal safety requirements for food crops by using biochar: An investigation using sunflower as a representative plant under different atmospheric CO2 concentrations”, Science of the Total Environment, 867, 161452 (2023)

L. Li, Z. M. H. M. Shafie, T. Huang, R. Lau, C.H. Wang, Multiphysics simulations of concentric-tube internal loop airlift photobioreactors for microalgae cultivation, Chemical Engineering Journal, 457, 141342 (2023).

B. Wang, X. Li, X. Zhu, Y. Wang, T. Tian, Y. Dai, C.H. Wang, “An epitrochoidal rotary reactor for solar-driven hydrogen production based on the redox cycling of ceria: Thermodynamic analysis and geometry optimization”, Energy, 270, 126833 (2023).

A.K. Prabhakar, B.C. Mohan , M.H. Tai, Z. Yao, W. Su, S.L.M. Teo, C.H. Wang, “Green, non-toxic and efficient adsorbent from hazardous ash waste for the recovery of valuable metals and heavy metal removal from waste streams”, Chemosphere 329, 138524 (2023).

D. Xu, B. Wang, X. Li, Y. W. Cheng, W. Fu, Y. Dai, C.H. Wang, “Solar-driven biomass chemical looping gasification using Fe3O4 for syngas and high-purity hydrogen production”, Chem. Eng. J. 479, 147901 (2024).