Dr. Wang Bo


Research Fellow


NUS Environmental Research Institute,

1 CREATE Way, #15-02 CREATE Tower,

Singapore, 138602

Phone: (65)91400062

Email: bo.wang@nus.edu.sg

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8087-918X


Education Background

Ph.D. (under review), Solar Thermal Technology, The Australian National University, 2015–2021.

M.Sc., Erasmus Mundus Joint Program in Energy Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE), Netherlands & Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden, 2012–2015.

B.Eng., Energy and Environment System Engineering, Zhejiang University, China, 2008–2012.


Research Interests

High-temperature solar thermochemical technology

Energy storage and CO2 capture based on solar-driven chemical looping

Multiphase solar reactor design and modelling


Research Highlight

Design and optimization of a high-temperature packed-bed solar thermochemical reactor for solar energy storage

An indirectly irradiated solar thermochemical packed-bed reactor has been designed to achieve the endothermic reduction step of a two-step metal oxide-based chemical looping, which is a promising pathway for solar energy storage and water splitting. The novel reactive medium consists of binary Fe/Mn oxide particles was tested in the reactor under concentrated solar irradiation generated by a high-flux solar simulator. Leveraging commercial software and in-house developed programs, a numerical model was developed to simulate the chemically reactive and radiatively participative gas–solid flow for performance evaluation and operation optimization of the reactor. The solar-to-chemical efficiency reached 11.4% in the optimal case.

Schematic of the experiment set-up of a high-temperature packed-bed solar thermochemical reactor.


Publication list

  1. Wang, L. Li, F. Schaefer, J.J. Pottas, A. Kumar, V.M. Wheeler, W. Lipiński, Thermal reduction of iron–manganese oxide particles in a high-temperature packed-bed solar thermochemical reactor, Chemical Engineering Journal 412 (2021) 128255.
  2. Yang, L. Li, B. Wang, S. Li, J. Wang, P. Lund, W. Lipiński, Thermodynamic analysis of a novel solar thermochemical system with a rotating tower reflector and a fixed-bed receiver–reactor array, Frontiers in Energy Research 9 (2021) 253.
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