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A wonderful weekend to look forward to at animal shelters, 23 & 24 February




Hello all!

Following the success of our shelter visit in January, we’ll be heading to the shelters again this weekend to volunteer our time with the animals!

For this February shelter visit, we have also have Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter collaborating with us along with Mdm Wong’s Shelter, and Animal Lovers’ League; and we’re definitely excited to volunteer this weekend!

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ll be doing at each shelter!

Mdm Wong’s Shelter and Friends, 23 Feb (Sat)

With a mission statement of “Providing care, compassion and hope and giving all animals a chance for leading loved lives“, Mdm Wong’s Shelter and Friends is a no-kill shelter housing animals that were rescued by Mdm Wong and her volunteers. We will again be bathing and walking the dogs this weekend at Mdm Wong’s shelter, and of course also carry out the tiring task of washing and cleaning the kennels! Some of us may even choose to stay beyond volunteering hours to help feed the dogs! Do visit their page here!

Uncle Khoe’s K9 Shelter, 23 Feb (Sat)

Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter was set up by Uncle Khoe and his volunteers only just recently in September of 2012 with a primary objective of “helping as many dogs as (they) can, one at a time, till there are none”. Uncle Khoe was a stray feeder for over 20 years, helping stray dogs from all over Singapore before setting up this shelter just last year and maintaining it with funds from his own pockets. Such passion and love for dogs indeed! We will again be bathing and walking the dogs as well as cleaning up the kennels so that our furry friends can have a better place to sleep in! Visit their Facebook page here, or their website!

 Animal Lovers’ League, 24 Feb (Sun)

 Animal Lover’s League started running Pet Villa, a shelter housing abandoned and stray cats and dogs, since 2004. The cats and dogs housed in Pet Villa get to run free within the compounds of the shelter instead of being kept in cages, and the shelter has since housed over 600 dogs and cats! At Pet Villa, our team of volunteers will be helping in walking the dogs and also in preparing the food and feeding the dogs. A lot of arm muscle required indeed to prepare mix the rice! You can visit their website & Facebook page for more information on them.

We are pleased to have received overwhelming response for this event and sadly, all available slots have been filled, but fret not for there will be more shelter trips coming up, so do keep it lookout for announcements on our blog and facebook!

Otherwise all of you are definitely welcome to contact the shelters separately and help out when you can!

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