People Ending Animal Cruelty and Exploitation

NUS PEACE’s Upcoming Events Oct – Dec


October 2018

15th Oct 2018: VEGE Virtual Reality Experience

Organized by our newest animal rights subcommittee VEGE, experience first-hand the inner workings of factory farming through our use of virtual reality! Find us at the walkway of Central Library between 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Join us in our fight for animal rights and learn more about PEACE and VEGE as a whole during the event!

November 2018

2nd Nov 2018: CatCafe x Pawfriends Fundraiser

Said to be the most ambitious crossover since Infinity War, our subcommittees CatCafe and Pawfriends are having a fundraiser at Town Plaza in Utown! Support them by purchasing their goods, and play with shelter dogs in their playpen. Shelter dogs are from Uncle Khoe’s K9 Shelter, and let them tell you why adopting is indeed, better than shopping.

20th Nov 2018: SPCA Education Visit

Subcommittee TDP has arranged for a special visit to SPCA, where you can interact with the dogs there and learn all about dog mannerisms and behaviour. There are only 20 allocated slots, so keep your eyes open for the sign-up link coming soon! Additional costs may apply.

22nd Nov 2018: Dog Therapy Programme

Based on the popularity this event had last semester, we have expanded this to include more sessions! You’ve heard right! More. Sessions. This means more people can join us this year! Come release your exam preparation stress by plays with the dogs from Uncle Khoe’s K9 and SOSD! More information regarding sign-up will arrive at a later date, so follow us to get the fastest updates!

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