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NUS PEACE annual accounts verfication exercise!


For the past few years, NUS PEACE’s treasurer, president and staff advisor N. Sivasothi get together for an audit of the group’s accounts. Each transaction is verified against the shared accounts page, bank passbook and receipts folder.

When the exercise is completed, the details of the verified account is posted on the Expenditure page here, for transparency.

Well, we just completed the exercise and I am glad to report, everything is in order once again.

Well done folks!

N. Sivasothi aka Otterman

2017 08 31 19 30 01
L-R: N. Sivasothi (Staff Advisor), Vu Minh Phuong Jules (President 2017/18), Li Shaomeng (Treasurer 2016/17) & Tran Thuy Linh (President 2016/17).

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