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A Meaningful Weekend @ Mdm Wong’s Shelter & Animal Lovers’ League, 26 & 27 January


Our first visits to the animal shelters had ended successfully!

Even though it’s not an easy work, I believed that all of our participants had a fun and meaningful experience over the weekends. And we would love to share with you about the exciting bits that took place in the shelters!

Mdm’s Wong Shelter, 26 January

A staff from the shelter guiding us step-by-step on how to bathe a dog!

The visit started off with a demonstration of how to bathe a dog. Pepper, a 10-year old golden retriever stood calmly as we listened and watched intently.


Having learnt, we then got involved in the task of bathing the dogs. For many of us, it was the first time interacting with animals in a shelter and dogs of this size. And a fun time it was, especially with the occasional splattering of water from a dog shaking itself dry.

Let’s get started!

Hey sweetie, let’s give you a nice scrub!


When’s our turn?!

While the guys were cleaning the compounds (thank you Ivan and Louis!!!), the girls had playtime with the cats who welcomed the attention.


Will you give me a belly rub, pleaseeeee?

When everyone was done with their tasks, the dogs were harnessed and we got to bring them to a dog run where they could roam freely in a natural environment.

Our volunteer’s face tells it all! It’s fun!:)

All in all, it was a good exposure for our participants who got to interact with the animals and gain a better understanding of what it means to volunteer at an animal shelter. They participated with enthusiasm and put in full efforts. Kudos also to Mdm Wong’s shelter for taking the time and effort to guide us along and involve us in the activities. As one participant puts it, ‘I really hope there will be more such events in future’, we say we do too:)

Animal Lovers’ League, 27 January

Sunday is the best time to sleep in! But, not for our participants today! Cause we are going to give some help out at ALL!

When we first arrived at the shelter, we were like mere strangers to the dogs and we didn’t have much interaction. Waiting patiently outside of the kennel, we finally had the chance to enter and interact with the dogs!

Our happy volunteers!

There’s are so many dogs here, but each and everyone of them had a different experience of life. Some abused, some abandoned and some strays. Despite this, we all see how they crave for human touch and love.

Abused by humans before but still craving for human touch

Josy & Ivan, our Rice Warriors, helped to prepared the food for the dogs. Two big pails of rice, it’s really no easy task. However, they do look like they are having lots of fun in it!

Our Rice Warrior, Josy!

What a happy face!:)

At a later part, we went to play with the cats as well!

Not forgetting our cats!

A reflection by our volunteer, Ivan

‘Out of the blue, a cute little white doggy pushed her head toward me. I knelt down and she started sniffing emphatically at me, millimeters away. Her whiskers grazing my nose, just to have a closer look at me. I gently petted this sweet little girl on her fluffy back, scratched behind her floppy ears, and she seemed to like it very much. Instantly, I felt that all the dogs here just need a little of our love.

Even though most of the dogs here had been hurt by human beings before, they never hated us, not at all. All they need is just a little of our time, our companion.  I felt grateful because at the very least, I’m able to do something for them. When you come to think of it, all the trouble coming here is nothing compared to the pain they suffered. I had an unforgettable experience today and I’m sure I will return someday. ‘

Yes. Do lend a helping hand to these shelters! You can do your part by donating to them or spend a few hours of your weekend at a shelter. These furry pals had their fair share of heart breaking experiences in their lives. So, let’s give them some love 🙂 Also, this reminds us that we should adopt instead of buying from pet shops! The pets in the shelters are all waiting for their forever home. Give them a chance!

Last but not least, we would like to extend our thanks to all of our participants!

NUS PEACE would be organizing another trip down to the shelters this FEBRUARY! Look out for this space for more details!


  1. Woaaaaa! It looks really fun! Anw r u guys gonna have another trip down to the shelter soon? I couldnt make it the other time n i rly hope u guys gonna visit the animal shelter soon! 😀

  2. Hi Olivia!

    Yes! We’re going to the shelter again the end of this February. Details will be posted up shortly, so do continue to keep a lookout! We hope to see you there!


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  4. Wwwwoow it awesome I love cat they are compassionate I hear about mdm Wong shelter so I went to visit the website after all the reading It was impressive maybe some day I could visit

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  6. Hi Joystan!

    I emailed Mdm Wong’s shelter, but they haven’t got back to me and I need to contact them as soon as I can. Do you have their contact number or anything like that?
    Do let me know as soon possible. thanks so much!

    God Bless,

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