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A Pet’s Day Out (Short Story)


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My secondary school friends probably remember me as someone who talks fondly of my pet, Embie. She was very small and grey. Compared to her peers, she probably stuck out like a sore thumb as their colours were much more vibrant than her dull features. But I love her for her cute little self. With her little feet, she climbed up a short flight of stairs, step by step. Darted past flat grounds. And hopped down the steps. Her chirps were always full of energy as she followed me around.

We had been very close as I was with her since she was a three week old baby, feeding her four times a day. As a kid, waking up at 5.00am willingly to do so probably was the craziest thing I did in my life.

I still vividly remember about the day out at East Coast Park with her even though so many years had passed. She was tailing behind me, running through the sand as I walked at a slow pace. Lots of people stopped to stare. I recalled little boy tugging his mother’s arm and pointing at us in awe. As I called Embie to fly up to perch on my hand, I could not hide my grin. Embie was incessantly making high-pitched chirps and flapping her wings in excitement, like the lovebird she was.

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Maybe it had spurred him to want a pet like Embie, I wouldn’t know.

For all that I would have known, that family could very well be in the small community of bird lovers as I am.


Bird people are just weird, as compared to our dog and cat loving counterparts. We let our birds scream at us. Are totally unfazed when they poop on us and well… I walk my bird. To my defense though, I heard of someone walking his terrapin. But I think all pet lovers would agree that a bit of out and about, fresh air and exercise can make one very happy pet!

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