People Ending Animal Cruelty and Exploitation

Take a break from studies; Volunteer at animal shelters! 23rd & 24th February


Hello everyone!

Are you prepared for another round of volunteering session at animal shelters?

NUS PEACE will be organizing another trip down to local animal shelters where you get to interact with dogs and cats!

There will be activities that require some hands-on as part of the contributions to animal welfare. We hope that this visit will give all our volunteers the chance to understand the conditions of animal shelters in Singapore as well as the rescue and rehabilitation efforts involved. This also encourages participants to dedicate some of their time into such a meaningful work!

The dates are out!  23rd Feb, Saturday and 24th, a Sunday!

Do note that non-NUS staff/students are welcomed as well! Bring your friends along as well; the more the merrier!

Don’t miss this chance to help out at animal shelters! Sign up HERE



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