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NUS PEACE annual accounts verified and will be transferred to an OSA WBS account


I am happy to report that I have completed my eighth annual audit for NUS PEACE!

As an Interest Group, NUS PEACE has no official reporting structure for finances. Since 2011, students have maintained their account on a shared Google Drive. A spreadsheet with credit, debit and balance is setup every year with the treasurer along with a procedure to log every entry. Corresponding receipts are scanned and uploaded in a folder with a specific filename.

NUS PEACE Receipts

At the end of their term, the treasurer, president and staff advisor get together with me for an audit of the group’s accounts. Each transaction is verified against the shared accounts page, bank passbook and receipts folder. When the exercise is successfully completed, the details of the verified account is posted on the Expenditure page here, for transparency.

Various presidents had cleared out their personal bank accounts to support NUS PEACE for more than a year, in order to ease the process for the incoming committees. The most recent had allowed used of her account since AY2014/15. Kudos to all of them!

Well, I just completed the audit exercise for Aug 2017 to Oct 2018 with the current treasurer, Tay Xin Ci. I am glad to report, everything is in order once again. This verified balance will be handed over to a dedicated WBS account with the Office of Student Affairs. This is an account which records the income and expenditure of the Interest Group and is subject to NUS financial procedures and oversight. The audits conducted by myself may no longer be necessary!

Congratulations to the various treasurers who maintained a good accounts sheet. This has importantly allowed the rest of the committee to focus on helping animals.

Well done folks!

N. Sivasothi aka Otterman
Staff Advisor, NUS PEACE

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