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February 14, 2019
by nuspeace

Animal Day 2019 Product Catalogue – Smooth-coated otter

UPDATE – check out the online store!


NUS PEACE Animal Day 2019 is happening on Wednesday, 20th Feb from 10am to 6pm at UTown SRC Level 1! There will be information booths, games, sales of stickers and tote bags and more! See you there!

[Animal Day 2019 Product Catalogue – Smooth-coated otter]


Distinguished by short and smooth reddish-brown fur and large webbed feet, the smooth-coated otters are one of the two species of otters found in Singapore. There is an estimated 70 of them in Singapore, commonly found in areas like Marina Bay, where fish and fresh water are plentiful.

The smooth coated otters are classified as Critically Endangered. Threats to their survival include loss of wetland due to land reclamation, reduction in prey mass and contamination of waterways.

However, ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) and NParks have taken steps to protect this vulnerable species by educating the public on the do’s and don’ts. Groups such as OtterWatch have been photographing and recording the otters’ movements. The otters are also protected under the Wild Animals and Birds Act in Singapore.

February 8, 2019
by nuspeace

NUS PEACE Animal Day 2019

We’re bringing you new knowledge about your lovable animals on this🐾Animal Day 2019🐾! Paired with NUS ToddyCats, we’re ready to bring you wildlife information you have never seen before!

Come join us and learn more about the animals in Singapore, and what threatens their survival.

Play games at our booths, and even take your own VR trip to an animal sanctuary! Have fun interacting with our lovely shelter dogs in their little playpen, and check out our adorable goods with Smooth-backed Otters, Sunda Pangolins and Hawksbill Sea Turtles!

You will never grow bored with our variety of booths for you to explore! There are no booths with repeating activities, so make it a personal mission to visit them all!

Sneak peeks of our adorable goods will be up as we get closer to the event date, so keep checking this page for the first look at them! See you guys there! 🤗🤗🤗

Animals in the post, left to right, top to bottom: Sunda pangolin (Critically Endangered), Straw-headed Bulbul (Vulnerable), Smooth-backed Otters (Critically Endangered), Malaya Flying Fox (Critically Endangered), Dugong (Critically Endangered in Singapore, Vulnerable Globally)

August 29, 2016
by jiaen

Student Life Fair & Welcome Tea 2016

NUS PEACE kick-started the academic year with the Student Life Fair 2016, held from 11 to 13 August in UTown, and we had a great time meeting all of you!

Thank you for coming down especially to see us, and supporting our mini fundraising effort for Uncle khoe’s k9! We managed to raise $252 throughout the three days, selling merchandise such as animal-themed socks, notebooks and multi-functional fridge magnets/ bottle openers. Here are some photos of our booth at the fair:

PEACE SLF '16 (2)

Uncle khoe’s k9 merchandise for sale!

PEACE SLF '16 (1)

An overview of our booth, with Jessica (NUS CatCafe‘s UTown feeding coordinator) at the helm

PEACE SLF '16 (4)

Happy faces after meeting all of you 🙂

The next event was the Welcome Tea 2016, where NUS PEACE held recruitment talks across all 4 committees: NUS PEACE, NUS CatCafe, NUS PEACE TDP (Therapy Dogs Programme) and NUS Paw Friends. We shared more about the specific programmes each committee had been involved in so far, as well as answering any questions in our Q&A session. After the talks, various groups mingled together with the project directors and committee members, to clarify further doubts on exco recruitment and job responsibilities. Here’s what happened that day:

PEACE WT '16 (1)

Daphne, NUS PEACE’s outgoing project director, introducing our organisation

PEACE WT '16 (7)

Kiran, NUS CatCafe’s outgoing project director, talking about our campus cats

PEACE WT '16 (4)

Candice and Jolene, NUS Paw Friend’s newest project directors, appealing for volunteers

PEACE WT '16 (11)

Linh, NUS PEACE TDP’s outgoing project director, introducing the programme

PEACE WT '16 (6)

Potential NUS PEACE members among the audience

PEACE WT '16 (3)

Post-session mingling

Thank you to those who applied for our recruitment interviews! We’re currently in the midst of decision, and would announce results by this Friday via email. Stay tuned for the results, and also the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) later on!

All the best for this semester, and see all of you soon!

September 2, 2015
by jiaen

Welcoming new blood into NUS PEACE (AY15/16)

Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you to all of you who came down for our Welcome Tea and Annual General Meeting (AGM)! To those who are interested in our sub-committees, namely NUS CatCafe, NUS Paw Friends and NUS PEACE Therapy Dogs Programme (TDP), just drop a PM to their Facebook page or email them directly 🙂 If you have no idea what NUS PEACE’s sub-groups do, this post would (hopefully) provide you with a clearer picture.

We had quite the crowd at the Welcome Tea, held on 19 Aug 2015 at LT32 in the Science faculty. The session started off with our outgoing NUS PEACE Project Director, Dewi, introducing the workings of the interest group to the audience.

2015 Aug Welcome Tea PEACE main comm(3)

Other than our three ongoing subsidiaries, NUS PEACE is in charge of the Projects Management sub-committee, which provides support and advice for anyone interested in implementing new projects, whether you are a member of PEACE or not. Keep a look out on our social media pages for any updates!

NUS PEACE talks&seminars (2011-2013)

Posters of past NUS PEACE events

Next, our current NUS Paw Friends Project Director, Denise, continued the session by introducing this project to help out at partner animal shelters fortnightly. Volunteers visit one of our partner shelters, either Mdm Wong’s Shelter or Uncle Khoe’s K9, to bathe and walk the dogs. Other than shelter visits, NUS Paw Friends helps to fundraise for various animal shelters through events such as annual calender drives. Most importantly, we hope to spread the message of adopting, rather than buying. If you are too busy to volunteer, any donations to these animal shelters would contribute towards resolving rental, food or medical costs.

2015 Aug Welcome Tea pawfriends(1)

Here is Denise, on the right, introducing NUS Paw Friends

Then, the outgoing Project Director of NUS PEACE Therapy Dogs Programme (TDP), Chiyiyin, briefed the audience on TDP, an event held once every semester right before the exam period. The main objective of this is to relieve students’ stress with some canine therapy, courtesy of the volunteers at Therapy Dogs Singapore (TDS), a non-profit group dedicated to providing animal assisted therapy, mainly to society’s disadvantaged.

TDP is looking for exco members for their subcommittee for the academic year 2015/2016; do email them at to enquire!

2015 Aug Welcome Tea pawfriends(2)

Look out for this semester’s TDP nearer to Week 11 to 13!

Last but not least, our current project director of NUS CatCafe, Kiran, gave an informative talk on its inner workings (note: NOT a literal cat cafe). Other than managing the campus cat population through the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) programme, which includes sterilising and feeding the cats responsibly, NUS CatCafe also holds various events every semester.

To help NUS CatCafe spot new cats around the campus, just upload photos of the felines onto their Facebook group, where you can also connect with fellow feline admirers. In the event that NUS CatCafe needs funds to resolve sterilisation and trapping costs, you could also help by donating to these appeals.

2015 Aug Welcome Tea catcafe(1)

Kiran, NUS CatCafe’s current project director, explaining the merits of TNRM

After the introductory talks, it was time for the audience to mingle with the NUS PEACE committee members! Here is where interested

2015 Aug Welcome Tea q&a2015 Aug Welcome Tea catcafe(2)2015 Aug Welcome Tea tdp(1)

A huge thank you to everyone who came down to our Welcome Tea! In our next blog post, we would introduce the new NUS PEACE executive committee in AY2015/2016, after NUS PEACE TDP has selected a new project director, together with snippets of the Annual General Meeting.

2015 Aug Welcome Tea all exco(1)

Bye for now, and see you again in the next post 🙂 (In the foreground is Mr. Siva, one of NUS PEACE’s staff advisors, and credits to him for the Welcome Tea photos!)

August 24, 2014
by charminder

Love animals? Join PEACE!

Dear Animal Lovers,

Whether you like anteaters or zebras, or anything in-between, we want YOU! 

Join us at our welcome tea to learn more about our ongoing projects and share your ideas about how we can make the world a safer, better place for all our animal friends!


PEACE mailer


Friday 29/08/14, 6pm-8pm OR Saturday 30/08/14, 10am-12pm


Science, LT32 (refer to signup link for map)


1. Introduction to NUS PEACE

2. Presentation by Project Subcommittees

3. Q&A

4. Small group sessions

5. Refreshments & mingle


Open to everyone- freshmen, seniors and staff! Please RSVP at the following link: Light refreshments and drinks will be provided.

See you there! 🙂


For further questions and to facilitate a quick reply, change the subject to “Question: PEACE Welcome Tea 14” in the title bar of your reply. We will reply within 2 working days.

January 9, 2014
by mymymymy

Be inspired by Wildlife SOS in a talk on their conservation efforts

Hi everyone!

NUS PEACE invites you to a talk by the CEO and Co founder of Wildlife SOS.

Wildlife SOS successfully brought an end to the centuries old practice of performing bears across India using a combination of social engineering, women empowerment, provision of alternative livelihoods, seed funding, skill development, children’s education and of course passion and perseverance. Today the Kalandar community that used to cause the poaching of bear cubs is earning its living through alternative livelihoods. Wildlife SOS has rescued and rehabilitated over 630 bears across India! and runs the worlds largest bear rehabilitation centres for sloth bears.


Mr. Kartick Satyanarayan and Ms. Geeta Seshamani are excellent speakers and are invited by institutions across the world to speak.

It’s a great opportunity for everyone to attend the talk and learn about this unique social enterprise. The talk will include the objectives and work done by Wildlife SOS, various animal welfare issues that Wildlife SOS tackles and basically let you know how you can help in animal conservation

Date: 23rd January 2014
Time: 10.00 AM
Location: TBC

There will also be a sale of calender 2014 by Wildlife SOS. We will be collecting orders and payment can be made on 23rd Jan at the venue of the talk. All proceeds will go towards the animals. Each calender will cost $11.00 and students will be given discount.
WSOS 2014 Calendar Cover page2


Sign up and order here!

We hope to see you there!

August 15, 2013
by nglinyu

Talk by University of Melbourne DVM, 23 August 2013 (Fri), 1-2PM


NUS PEACE will be hosting a talk by the University of Melbourne on their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program and Australian Tasmanian Devils next Friday afternoon!

If you’re interested in pursuing veterinary studies upon graduation; or if you’re tremendously interested to know more about Tasmanian Devils, this is definitely the talk for you!

Please register to attend HERE as seats are limited!

Friday 23 August 2013
Time: 1.00pm – 2.00pm
Venue: Conference Room II, Department of Biological Sciences

Block S1, Level 3 (Mezzanine), Faculty of Science
From Level 3, head up the stairs which lead to the ridge

Do feel free to contact us if you have any queries!
We look forward to meeting you!

February 20, 2013
by nglinyu

A wonderful weekend to look forward to at animal shelters, 23 & 24 February



Hello all!

Following the success of our shelter visit in January, we’ll be heading to the shelters again this weekend to volunteer our time with the animals!

For this February shelter visit, we have also have Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter collaborating with us along with Mdm Wong’s Shelter, and Animal Lovers’ League; and we’re definitely excited to volunteer this weekend!

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ll be doing at each shelter!

Mdm Wong’s Shelter and Friends, 23 Feb (Sat)

With a mission statement of “Providing care, compassion and hope and giving all animals a chance for leading loved lives“, Mdm Wong’s Shelter and Friends is a no-kill shelter housing animals that were rescued by Mdm Wong and her volunteers. We will again be bathing and walking the dogs this weekend at Mdm Wong’s shelter, and of course also carry out the tiring task of washing and cleaning the kennels! Some of us may even choose to stay beyond volunteering hours to help feed the dogs! Do visit their page here!

Uncle Khoe’s K9 Shelter, 23 Feb (Sat)

Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter was set up by Uncle Khoe and his volunteers only just recently in September of 2012 with a primary objective of “helping as many dogs as (they) can, one at a time, till there are none”. Uncle Khoe was a stray feeder for over 20 years, helping stray dogs from all over Singapore before setting up this shelter just last year and maintaining it with funds from his own pockets. Such passion and love for dogs indeed! We will again be bathing and walking the dogs as well as cleaning up the kennels so that our furry friends can have a better place to sleep in! Visit their Facebook page here, or their website!

 Animal Lovers’ League, 24 Feb (Sun)

 Animal Lover’s League started running Pet Villa, a shelter housing abandoned and stray cats and dogs, since 2004. The cats and dogs housed in Pet Villa get to run free within the compounds of the shelter instead of being kept in cages, and the shelter has since housed over 600 dogs and cats! At Pet Villa, our team of volunteers will be helping in walking the dogs and also in preparing the food and feeding the dogs. A lot of arm muscle required indeed to prepare mix the rice! You can visit their website & Facebook page for more information on them.

We are pleased to have received overwhelming response for this event and sadly, all available slots have been filled, but fret not for there will be more shelter trips coming up, so do keep it lookout for announcements on our blog and facebook!

Otherwise all of you are definitely welcome to contact the shelters separately and help out when you can!

January 6, 2012
by prab

Project Fin – Movie Screening & Roadshow! 18th & 19th January (Wed and Thurs), NUS Central Library Theatrette

19th January, Save The Date!

As a prelude to the upcoming Lunar New Year festivities, Project: FIN typically steps up their education efforts in their best attempts to curb the cruel practice of consuming shark’s fin.

This year, Project: FIN and NUS PEACE will be collaborating in a roadshow and movie screening of Sharkwater at the NUS Central Forum. As part of the educational roadshow, we intend to serve mock shark’s fin soup to students to emphasize the fact that shark’s fins are essentially cartilage, and does not contribute any taste to the soup.

Movie: Sharkwater

Date & Time: Booths – 18th & 19th January (Entire Day);

Movie Screening – 19th January 2pm & 6:30pm

Venue: Booths – Walkway outside NUS Central Library;

Movie Screening – Central Library Theatrette

Price: Free!

Kindly register yourself @ so that we can properly register you for the movie screening.

Sharkwater is a multiple award-winning documentary that gives a glimpse into the cruel multi-billion dollar shark fin industry.

Shark’s fin soup is usually one of the dishes served in weddings or other celebrations, such as the upcoming Chinese New Year. Millions of sharks are killed annually to feed a rising demand for the dish, even though shark’s fin is actually tasteless. The industry has contributed to mass reductions in worldwide shark populations and animal welfare breaches as the sharks are sometimes finned while alive before being thrown back to the sea, where the finless sharks are left to die a slow painful death.

The delicacy also contains high levels of mercury, yet many continue to put their health at risk by consuming it. We understand that a significant number of families still continue to purchase shark’s fin soup during this period. We would be conducting sampling of mock shark fins at the roadshow in an effort to inform the public that shark fins have no taste, and that the same soup can be made using alternatives.

The recent NTUC Fair Price announcement to discontinue the sale of shark’s fin also gives us great encouragement and motivation. So do come down to know more, get involved and take a stand in this glorious new year.

*Don’t forget to register yourself @

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