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Animal Day 2019 Product Catalogue – Smooth-coated otter


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NUS PEACE Animal Day 2019 is happening on Wednesday, 20th Feb from 10am to 6pm at UTown SRC Level 1! There will be information booths, games, sales of stickers and tote bags and more! See you there!

[Animal Day 2019 Product Catalogue – Smooth-coated otter]


Distinguished by short and smooth reddish-brown fur and large webbed feet, the smooth-coated otters are one of the two species of otters found in Singapore. There is an estimated 70 of them in Singapore, commonly found in areas like Marina Bay, where fish and fresh water are plentiful.

The smooth coated otters are classified as Critically Endangered. Threats to their survival include loss of wetland due to land reclamation, reduction in prey mass and contamination of waterways.

However, ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) and NParks have taken steps to protect this vulnerable species by educating the public on the do’s and don’ts. Groups such as OtterWatch have been photographing and recording the otters’ movements. The otters are also protected under the Wild Animals and Birds Act in Singapore.

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