Wen Yuming

Wen Yuming

Personal Particulars
Research Fellow
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore

4 Engineering Drive 4, Singapore 117585

Office: #15-02
Phone: (65) 8039 3805
Email: yuming@nus.edu.sg

Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, 2022
M.Sc., Engineering Materials Science, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, 2019
B.Eng., Functional Materials, Northeastern University, China, 2016

Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Dec. 2022 – present
Postdoctoral Researcher, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Oct. 2022 – Nov. 2022
Research Intern, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Jun. 2018 – Aug. 2018
Astronomy Guide, Earth & Sky Ltd., New Zealand, Aug. 2016 – Jan. 2017

Research interests
Thermal conversion techniques: pyrolysis, gasification, hydrothermal carbonization, catalysis, etc.
Methodologies: kinetics and thermodynamics, production characterization, process simulation, LCA, machine learning, etc.
Applications/Production: biofuel, CNTs, magnetic activated carbon, etc.

Selected publications
• Y. Wen, S. Wang*, Z. Shi, Y. Jin, J.B. Thomas, E.S. Azzi, D. Franzén, F. Gröndahl, A. Martine, C. Tang, W. Mu, P.G. Jönsson, W. Yang, Pyrolysis of Engineered Beach-cast Seaweed: Performances and Life Cycle Assessment, Water Research (2022): 118875.
• Y. Wen, S. Wang*, Z. Shi, I.N. Zaini, Ł. Niedźwiecki, C.A. Briceno, H.P. Kruczek, P.G. Jönsson, W. Yang, H2-rich syngas production from agricultural waste digestate by coupling hydrothermal carbonization with pyrolysis, Energy Conversion and Management (2022): 116101.
• Y. Wen, I.N. Zaini, S. Wang*, W. Mu, P.G. Jönsson, W. Yang, Synergistic effect of the co-pyrolysis of cardboard and polyethylene: a kinetic and thermodynamic study, Energy (2021): 120693.
• Y. Wen#, *, Z. Shi#, S. Wang, W. Mu, P.G. Jönsson, W. Yang, Pyrolysis of raw and anaerobically digested organic fractions of municipal solid waste: Kinetics, thermodynamics, and product characterization, Chemical Engineering Journal (2021): 129064.
• Y. Wen, Z. Zheng, S. Wang, T. Han*, P.G. Jönsson, W. Yang, Magnetic bio-activated carbons production using different process parameters for phosphorus removal from artificially prepared phosphorus-rich and domestic wastewater, Chemosphere (2021): 129561.
• Y. Wen, S. Wang*, W. Mu, W. Yang, P.G. Jönsson, Pyrolysis performance of peat moss: A simultaneous in-situ thermal analysis and bench-scale experimental study, Fuel (2020): 118173.


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