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Shen Ye  

Personal Particulars
Research Fellow
1 CREATE Way, CREATE Tower #15-02, E2S2
Office: CREATE Tower, #15-02
Phone: (65) 9396 6915

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 Ph.D, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore,2014-2018.

 B. Eng., Chemical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, 2010-2014.

Research Interests

Gasification of MSW;

Biochar gasification and production;

CFD simulation of reactors;

Research highlights

Ø  Nitrogen Removal and Energy Recovery from Sewage Sludge by Combined Hydrothermal Pretreatment and CO2 Gasification
·         A combined hydrothermal pretreatment and CO2 gasification process for removal of nitrogen from SS and production of energy via the gasification of the pretreated SS was proposed and investigated.

·         50% of nitrogen could be removed from SS during hydrothermal pretreatment.

·         57% reduction of ammonia emission was found through the proposed system.

·         Synergetic effect was found when co-gasifying hydrochar and leaves.

·         Cold gas efficiency of the co-gasification process of a 1/1 hydrochar/leaves blend by mass was enhanced to 66%.


Ø  CO2 gasification of woody biomass: Experimental study from a lab-scale reactor to a small-scale autothermal gasifier
·         Autothermal gasification with 15% CO2 addition was conducted in an 8-kW reactor.

·         Biochar obtained under CO2 condition had a moderate pH.

·         CO2 as gasification oxidant could produce comparable energy to air gasification.

·         Carbon conversion and cold gas efficiency were enhanced with CO2 addition.

·         Under the same equivalence ratio, less PM was emitted during 15% CO2 gasification.



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Conference Publications/ Presentations

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