Research Monographs & Proceedings

Professor Soh Khim Ong’s Research Monographs and Proceedings

  1. Proceedings of the 8th International Manufacturing Conference, IMCC’98
    N. He, J. H. Xu, Y. S. Wong and S. K. Ong, 1998, 12-14 May 1998, Singapore, ISBN 981-04-0209-0.
  2. Computer Applications in Near Net-Shape Operations, more
    A. Y. C. Nee, S. K. Ong and Y. G. Wang, 1999, Advanced Manufacturing Series, London, Springer-Verlag, ISBN 1-85233-186-0.
  3. Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Manufacturing
    S. K. Ong and A. Y. C. Nee, 2004, London, Springer-Verlag, 388 pages, 196 figures, ISBN 1-85233-796-6. More details.
  4. Integrated and Collaborative Product Development Environment – Technologies and Implementation
    W.D. Li, S.K. Ong and A.Y.C. Nee, 2006, World Scientific, ISBN 981-256-680-5.
  5. Collaborative Product Design and Manufacturing Methodologies and Applications W.D. Li, S.K. Ong, A.Y.C. Nee, C. McMahon, 2007, Advanced Manufacturing Series, Springer, 308 pages, ISBN 978-1-84628-801-2.
  6. Design Reuse in Product Development Modeling, Analysis and Optimization
    S.K. Ong, Q.L. Xu and A.Y.C. Nee, 2008, World Scientific, ISBN 978-981-283-262-7
  7. Re-engineering Manufacturing for Sustainability
    A.Y.C. Nee, B. Song and S.K. Ong, Proceedings of 20th CIRP International Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, LCE 2013, 17-19 April 2013, Singapore, 738 pages, 646 figures, ISBN 978-981-4451-47-5.
  8. Digital Twins in Industry
    A.Y.C. Nee and S.K. Ong, August 2021, MDPI, ISBN 978-3-0365-1800-8 (Hbk); ISBN 978-3-0365-1799-5 (PDF),
  9. Remanufacturing and Remanufacturability Assessment for the Circular Economy, A Solution Guide
    Yang Shanshan, S.K. Ong and A.Y.C. Nee, 2022, (1st ed.). CRC Press.
  10. Springer Handbook of Augmented Reality
    A.Y.C. Nee and S.K. Ong, 2023, Springer, ISSN 2522-8692.

Updated January 2023